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Whether you’re looking to build a wine room, garden room, dining space or more — Shower Doors of Charlotte has the residential and commercial glass enclosure solutions you need. From partially enclosed spaces to a complete glass sealed room, you can elevate your space. And, with temperature control settings — you can protect what’s inside, from your plants to your books, wine or even furniture. To learn more about our glass door and enclosure solutions, keep reading.

Here’s what you need to know about Shower Doors of Charlotte and our Glass Room Solutions:

  • Enclosed Wine Room
  • Glass Room Enclosures
  • New Construction or Remodel
  • Shower Doors of Charlotte

Enclosed Wine Room

Over the years, our experts here at Shower Doors of Charlotte have designed beautiful glass wine room enclosures for both residential and commercial applications. Sealed with clear polycarbonate, our glass wine rooms help maintain the perfect temperature for wine preservation. From over-sized doors to hydraulic hinges, our team has designed some of the most complex and technically difficult applications imaginable.

Whether you need a glass wine room for your restaurant, or you’re hoping to elevate the look of your current home wine area, a glass enclosed wine room can be custom-made to any size. For an open, airy space, choose clear glass. Or, if you’re looking for a bit more privacy in your wine room area, opt for a patterned glass style. With so much variety, your wine room enclosure can also benefit from either a framed door or a frameless door! The options are endless and allow you to truly customize the entire vibe of your wine enclosure.

Build a unique glass enclosed wine room with Shower Doors of Charlotte.

Glass Room Enclosures

For those looking for a glass room enclosure, but not a wine room, we’ve got you covered! As we mentioned earlier, our experts are skilled in designing both elegant and functional glass room enclosures. With our unique, polycarbonate seal solutions, our glass enclosures maintain the perfect temperature for your needs.

From beautiful, unique book storage to a sealed orchid room, open, airy office spaces, or even a glass dining nook, building a custom glass room enclosure can add a luxurious element to your home or commercial space. Offering a variety of glass texture and color options, door shapes and styles, frame vs frameless doors and much more — our team has designed some of the most complex and technically difficult glass room enclosure applications imaginable.

New Construction or Remodel

Whether you’re looking to construct a completely, brand new glass enclosure, or hoping to remodel your current solution, Shower Doors of Charlotte has what you need. With a long legacy of top-quality projects, our team has earned a reputation that has been built from the ground up on integrity, highly skilled staff. If you’re looking to add more privacy to your already installed glass room, no need to worry!

Shower Doors of Charlotte offers glass choices with an extra layer of privacy that doesn’t make your glass appear frosted. With different textured solutions, colors, or even partial builds, we can help you create or refresh your glass space — adding a feeling of depth that wasn’t in your enclosure before. Opt to incorporate a unique door style to your room. Below are some of Shower Doors of Charlotte’s options.

Door Styles to Consider for Your Glass Enclosure:

  • Barn Door
  • Glass Block
  • Sliding Door

Learn more about Shower Doors of Charlotte and our Glass door series collections.

Shower Doors of Charlotte

Shower Doors of Charlotte has a long legacy of top-quality projects and has earned a reputation that has been built from the ground up on integrity, highly skilled staff. From new installation projects to home renovations, we have industry expert technicians and beautiful solutions you need.

Our frameless glass enclosures are designed with 3/8” or 1/2” tempered glass and minimal hardware. With thick heavy glass, our designs add stability to your shower or enclosed structure, eliminating the use of metal framing. Keeping that in mind, for those interested in shower door solutions, our swinging technology door designs allow water to drain right back into your shower. Our glass enclosures are easier to maintain, easy to customize, and add value to your home, office or more.

Contact our team today to get started building your glass enclosed wine room!

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