Did you know that an outdated bathroom is among the top reasons homebuyers avoid purchasing a home? Even if you do not plan on selling your home for several years, have you considered the difference a bathroom remodel could make for your own personal happiness? 

In fact, in 2020, a majority of U.S. homeowners renovated their bathrooms to improve their own living conditions! Almost half changed the overall layout of their master bathroom, and 33% renovated their bathrooms simply because they “could no longer stand them.”

One of the most common (and satisfying!) ways to improve your bathroom is a beautiful, walk-in shower

But, if you need proof that a new shower is truly the answer, consider the following reasons it might be time to remodel or replace your shower

  1. Leaky & Underperforming Fixtures
  2. Tight Spaces & Difficult Access
  3. Inconvenient, Hazardous Shower Design
  4. Chipped Tile or Damaged Shower Walls

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Leaky & Under-Performing Fixtures

A leaky shower fixture or less-than-ideal water pressure may not be a bathroom emergency, but this is your “me time” we are talking about! On the other hand, such quirks in your guest bathroom are not exactly communicating a warm welcome to your friends or family members. 

Plus, replacing your fixtures or your shower altogether is worth it – literally. A leaking fixture could be costing you money on your water bill every month or, worse, causing water damage to your home, which could lead to dangerous mold growth. 

Tight Spaces & Difficult Access

Bathrooms should be anything but tight spaces, and yet too many bathrooms that do not make efficient use of their square footage can feel claustrophobic. Even though a tub-and-shower combination might seem like the best use of space if you cannot fit both in the bathroom, the truth is that shower tubs can be bulky both physically and visually, as well as difficult to climb-in. 

In contrast, think of how a glass, walk-in shower immediately opens-up space in your bathroom; rather than creating separation with a shower curtain or door, a glass door creates depth by drawing your eyes further-in. Additionally, a walk-in shower makes the space easier – and safer – to access!   

Inconvenient, Hazardous Shower Design 

On a similar note, whether your bathroom was built in recent years or decades ago, shower designs are not always built with practicality in-mind. Sometimes, this is simply due to different homeowners’ needs and preferences. Other times, a poor shower design can be attributed to a small bathroom space or dwindling budget.  

Whether it is your shower’s size, lack of a bench or seat, or its irritating location in the bathroom, all are inconveniences that could turn into slip-and-fall situations or other accidents. For example, a swinging shower door that bumps into another fixture – such as a toilet or bathtub – is particularly unsafe because the glass could easily break if the door swung too quickly.  

Chipped Tile or Damaged Shower Walls

Every shower is prone to wear and tear, but that doesn’t make it any less disappointing when you discover a chip in the tile, a dent in the shower wall, or peeling caulk. And rather than writing off the damage as something you can live with, you will need to assess these aging shower symptoms for more serious reasons. 

Broken, chipped, or damaged shower tiles can actually be a safety hazard. For one, you could easily cut yourself, but water could also seep through the cracks and cause mold growth, which is a risk to your health. Similarly, damaged shower walls and peeling caulk trap moisture, which can cause mold, mildew, and even wood rot. 

Frameless shower enclosures are easier to maintain, easy to customize, and add value to your home. Learn more about Shower Doors of Charlotte today!

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