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Did you know that the first ever tempered glass enclosure was built in 1962? While glass technology and styles have certainly changed since then, classic glass shower doors are still very popular. Here at Shower Doors of Charlotte, our team specializes in luxurious frameless glass shower doors and enclosures. Our frameless enclosures are meticulously measured, professionally installed and enjoyed for a lifetime!

With custom designs, our shower enclosures are designed and built to reflect each client’s individual requirements. In addition to creating a sleek, clean design for your bathroom, our goal is to help you find a frameless shower enclosure that compliments your overall design style, with options ranging from modern to traditional. To learn more about our shower door series and design solutions, read on. 

Here’s what you need to know about our shower door series:

  1. Frameless Glass Shower Doors
  2. Glass Sliding Door Systems
  3. Shower Doors of Charlotte 

Frameless Glass Shower Doors

Built with 3/8” or ½” tempered glass, our standard frameless glass doors come in several glass options so that you can personalize your shower enclosure. From patterned glass options such as Rain, Satin, and Obscure to Ultra-Clear or low-iron glass, our classic frameless glass shower doors offer beautiful variety for the modern homeowner. 

For bathrooms with lighter color pallets or white tile, we often recommend our Ultra-clear glass. Our Ultra-Clear glass has a lower iron content which makes this glass option appear optically clear, allowing for your white or light tiled bathroom to feel luxurious and cohesive. In order to determine what options are currently available for your beautiful glass shower wall, please consult your sales representative if you are considering a pattern glass or obscure glass as option availability will vary. 

Glass Sliding Door Systems

If a frameless glass shower door doesn’t suit your fancy, Shower Doors of Charlotte also offers a variety of beautiful glass sliding door systems to tie your bathroom together. Our glass sliding door options range from standard bypass to custom barn door style designs and everything in between. 

With customizable options, built to suit and fit your exact measurements, styles and needs for your bathroom, these glass sliding doors don’t have to be used just for bathroom spaces either. Excellent choices for room dividers, privacy doors, or even wine cellar rooms, our glass sliding door systems can be designed for your unique needs. 

Learn more about Shower Doors of Charlotte and our Glass door series collections. 

Here are some of our sliding glass door series: 

Cambridge Series

Beauty and elegance meet modern design in this CRL product. Featuring two heavy glass bypassing doors with large modern exposed rollers, the panels in the Cambridge Series roll on a high-quality stainless steel rectangular bar, ensuring easy opening and closing of the door. 

Crescent Series

This sleek “barn door” style design found in our Crescent Series, features one heavy glass sliding door and one fixed glass panel with simple exposed rollers and round header. Providing a luxurious sliding shower door system and a soft décor vibe, the use of minimal hardware lends itself to complement popular modern styling. These quality rollers assure quiet door travel and make the door easy to slide.

Bypass Sliding Doors

Within our Bypass Sliding Door Series, you will find two glass doors that slide from top mounted concealed rollers within a metal header. Typically featuring two metal wall jambs and a bottom “stay clean” track, the edges of these glass panels are normally polished glass and not wrapped in metal.

Serenity Series

Our Serenity Shower Door Series features what most would consider to be a modern “barn door” style design. Complemented by one heavy glass sliding door and one fixed glass panel with simple exposed rollers and rectangular header, this series provides a luxurious door system with a modern flare. The use of minimal hardware and quality rollers assure quiet door travel and make the door easy to slide.

Shower Doors of Charlotte 

Shower Doors of Charlotte has a long legacy of top quality projects and has earned a reputation that has been built from the ground up on integrity, highly skilled staff. From new installation projects to home renovations, we have industry expert technicians and beautiful solutions you need.

Our frameless shower enclosures are designed with 3/8” or 1/2” tempered glass and minimal hardware. With thick heavy glass, our designs add stability to your shower structure, eliminating the use of metal framing. Keeping that in mind, with swinging technology, our door designs allow water to drain right back into your shower. Our shower enclosures are easier to maintain, easy to customize, and add value to your home.

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